How to Submit Stats

Which stats are we collecting?

When reporting scores you are only responsible for reporting individual statistics. We will use these to calculate team stats automatically.

Step #1: Login to your account

Step #2: Select your team

Step #3: Open stats tab

The stat table will appear when you select a contest from the dropdown menu.

Step #4: Enter stats into the table​

Statistics will auto-save as you enter them. You can enter stat reports in multiple sessions if need be.

When are statistics due?

Entering statistics for your team is not required – although it is heavily encouraged. WNY Athletics will be posting weekly leaderboards, and for your players to get recognition, they must have their stats in the system.

Can I have my JV coach add stats for me?

Absolutely! If you’d like to add additional staff members to your team just shoot Matt ( an email and he’ll take care of it for you.